Stirling gamers -and Warstorm 2018 - are heading to Falkirk

Falkirk is set to gain a new wargaming club with a move by Stirling Wargamers from their present base to a new local meeting place.

Friday, 24th August 2018, 1:11 pm
Updated Friday, 24th August 2018, 2:59 pm
Wargaming covers a vast range of historical, fantasy and sci-fi subjects. This scene features Boleshevik cavalry charging Ukrainian Nationalists in the Russian Civil War.

The group play all sorts of tabletop wargames, boardgame and card games and have run successfully for 15 years, but have been forced to quit their longstanding base in a Stirling community hall because of lack of use by other groups.

Now, with their “flit” to Falkirk’s Elgin Park Centre, they are bringing Warstorm 2018 to Falkirk on September 22 (Elgin Park Centre, 9am to 6pm) - where the accent will be on fantasy warfare set in an imaginary far distant future.

Their arrival in Falkirk adds to the town’s already thriving local wargaming scene, led by Falkirk and District Wargames Club, which stages a major annual public event, Carronade, in Graeme High School (where the Stirling gamers are among those laying on displays).

Stirling Wargamers run tournaments and events throughout the year for various game systems, so there is always something new for gamers to test their mettle.

Club nights are £3 for non-members, £2 for members and a full year’s membership is £10.

There’s further information on the group’s Facebook page at

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