Stephen Deans slams Ineos as he quits Grangemouth plant

Stephen Deans has said Ineos' actions were ''unforgiveable''
Stephen Deans has said Ineos' actions were ''unforgiveable''

The man at the centre of the recent dispute between Ineos and union Unite said he quit because he did not want to be a “distraction”.

A day after Ineos announced the news, Unite confirmed Mr Deans had resigned as an employee at the site.

The union stated he had been employed at Ineos for 25 years, working tirelessly with management to help secure the future of the Grangemouth plant and maintain positive working relationships on numerous occasions.

Mr Deans said: “Ineos Grangemouth is now entering a new period, and my own situation would only prove to be a distraction, and would cast a shadow over what we all must hope will be a prosperous long-term future for the plant.”

In his letter of resignation to Ineos he expressed the view that, in spite of his long and loyal service, management now treated him as the “enemy within”. The final straw, he said, was the decision of Ineos to leak details of private e-mails to the Sunday Times in an effort to further smear his reputation.

He said: “The hurt to my family is unforgiveable and I will not allow management to take away my dignity and self-respect any further.”

Unite is now considering the steps it can take on Mr Deans behalf.

It was the company’s perceived mistreatment of Mr Deans, and their investigation into him supposedly carrying out non-work related activities during working hours, which led to a bitter dispute between the union and management during the recent well-publicised crisis surrounding the future of the site’s petrochemical plant.