Stenhousemuir teen thanks his roadside guardian angel

Helen Taylor and James Fleming
Helen Taylor and James Fleming

A teenager was lucky to escape serious injury when he was thrown from his motor scooter onto the road this week.

Thankfully James Fleming (19), from Ladeside Crescent, Stenhousemuir, only suffered minor injuries in the accident, which happened just before 10am on Monday on the approach to the Inveravon Roundabout in Grangemouth.

The former Larbert High pupil was also lucky to have his very own roadside guardian angel in the form of Helen Taylor from Bo’ness, who looked out for him while they were waiting for the ambulance to appear.

James said: “She was golden. I don’t remember much about the crash itself. I just remember looking up and seeing Helen there telling me not to move.”

Helen (55) said: “He was directly in front of me and just as we got to the roundabout I saw his back wheel go. He wasn’t doing anything wrong approaching the roundabout.

“I think it was the conditions – I didn’t see any diesel on the road, but it was wet and greasy.

“He was lying in the middle of the road so I put my car at an angle and put my hazards on. Then I went and helped him. I’ve been a motorcyclist and I’m a former motorcycle instructor so I knew I shouldn’t try to take his helmet off.

“I just kept his head supported – he said the back of his head was sore – and we waited for the ambulance.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said the accident was reported at 9.47am and officers attended to make the road safe. They stated James suffered minor injuries and the road was re-opened at 10.30am.

When the ambulance arrived Helen followed it to Forth Valley Royal Hospital to be there for James until his dad arrived.

She said: “I’ve had experience of accidents before and it’s not something you want someone to have to deal with alone.”

James was bruised and battered but suffered no broken bones or lasting damage.

Dad Robert Fleming said: “I’d like to thank Helen Taylor, who not only witnessed the accident, she called me at work, stayed with James until the ambulance arrived and also followed the ambulance to hospital.

“She waited in A & E until I got there from work. What a wonderful person, a good Samaritan above and beyond the call of duty.”

James’s mum, Susan Cavanagh, who lives in Hull, said: “I cannot thank this lady enough. We are arranging to send her a card and flowers to express our thanks.

“She is a real Samaritan and a heroine in my eyes.”