Stench caused by fat in Bainsford restaurant drains

The Beijing Villa in Falkirk
The Beijing Villa in Falkirk

Staff at a Chinese restaurant have been caught pouring fat down the drains after neighbours’ gardens were flooded with foul smelling water.

The Beijing Villa was found to have been disposing of cooking oils and fat down the drains of its premises at 14 Merchiston Road, Bainsford, which caused a blockage leaving homes in Dollar Avenue awash with dirty water last week.

One woman who lives at the back of the restaurant but did not want to be named said a terrible smell invaded her home and garden, which had to be disinfected by Scottish Water after they removed the blockage.

He dog became sick after she went into the garden and now she’s scared to let her out again. She also worries the contents of her garden shed have been ruined by the flood water.

She said: “Something really needs to be done. This is the third time this has happened in the past few years. My son is severely disabled and has just got out of hospital after 11 weeks. I burst out crying when I saw this had happened. “It was like being a prisoner in your own home. It’s not fair that they get away with doing this.”

Scottish Water confirmed a blockage caused by fats, oils and grease was found in the pipes.

The Beijing Villa declined to comment.