Stay safe on the street in Falkirk

Fraser Anderson (attacker/instructor) and Siobhan Brady (victim/pupil) show how to escape attackers the Krav Maga way
Fraser Anderson (attacker/instructor) and Siobhan Brady (victim/pupil) show how to escape attackers the Krav Maga way

A powerful self-defence system has the potential to help women who find themselves under attack from sexual predators.

Krav Maga is used by the Israeli Defence Force and also featured in the devastating fight scenes in ‘The Bourne Identity’ films. Now the top exponent of the style in Scotland is hoping it will give women the edge they need to stay safe on the streets as the dark nights approach.

Fraser Anderson has been running a successful Krav Maga class in Grangemouth Sports Complex for a number of years and is planning to hold a SAFE - Sexual Attack Fast Escape - Seminar at the Abbots Road leisure centre on Sunday, September 9.

The Krav Maga approach is about more than just learning moves to disable or evade an attacker, it is about being aware of everything around you and identifying potential danger.

Fraser said: “When you walk home at night on your own, imagine you are playing hide and seek along the route and think of places you could hide. If you can think of a good place then the chances are someone else could think of it too and use it.

“If you get the feeling you are being followed, stop and look at the reflection in a shop window to get a good look at him. Just little things like that.”

Krav Maga is also about attitude and putting up a confident front.

“Don’t look like a victim,” said Fraser. “That will encourage the attacker who will think you are an easy target. You can fend off an attacker by only using your body language.”

And if things do get physical the seminar will demonstrate a few basic Krav Maga moves.

“We will show people very general things like clothing grabs, hair grabs and ways to fend off attacks.

“Everything we teach is about enabling you to get away and get to the police station or contact the police.”

The September 9 seminar, which runs from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., is free and open to all women aged 13 and over.

Another event will take place from 2 to 5 p.m. and it is a free introduction to Krav Maga.

Visit or e-mail for more information and to register your interest in attending the seminar.