Standing up for volunteers

Scotland's approach to volunteering must change, says Volunteer ScotlandScotland's approach to volunteering must change, says Volunteer Scotland
Scotland's approach to volunteering must change, says Volunteer Scotland
Volunteer Scotland is calling for all candidates in the forthcoming Scottish elections to pledge to 'increase, widen and improve volunteering in Scotland'.

The organisation says the number of people volunteering in Scotland is in decline – yet more is being asked of people to volunteer their time and support their communities.

Despite significant funding provided by the Scottish Government to support volunteering, participation rates have not risen.

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The document entitled ‘A Manifesto for Scotland to Shine ‘has five asks of all candidates standing in the May 5 election. And it is insists that these requests are critical to the wellbeing of individuals, community and society.

The five areas are:
l support volunteer organisers to engage more volunteers for community needs
l Government and funders to invest in local volunteering networks and leaders that build trust and wellbeing 
l recognise employees are enhanced by volunteers, share a duty of care and, together with employers, create public value 
l make sure everyone has local opportunites for meaningful volunteering that fits with their lives
l recognise Scotland has more people volunteering – regularly, enjoyably and safely

George Thomson, Chief Executive said: “More must be done to ensure a rise in participation rates and to create more diversity in those who participate.

“This manifesto shows what could happen if we change Scotland’s current approach to volunteering.

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“This is anopportunity for those elected after May 5 to take action to promote local meaningful volunteer opportunities that fit with life circumstances.

“It would encourage people to take part who normally wouldn’t be able to commit and to help them play a bigger role in their communities.”