St Mungo’s pupils up for challenge

13-May-2Teacher Joanne Cleland has asked the entire school community to sign up
13-May-2Teacher Joanne Cleland has asked the entire school community to sign up

A PE teacher and a popular fitness instructor have teamed up to offer a 28-day health and well-being challenge to an entire school community.

St Mungo’s High’s Joanne Cleland has enlisted the help of Amazon top-selling author Russell Fox to support a month-long drive to get teachers, pupils and parents eating better and feeling fantastic.

Joanne has written to all 1300 pupils and their families to ask them to commit to the programme which promotes healthy eating and an active lifestyle.

Joanne (31) from Falkirk said: “As well as teaching PE, I’m also a pastoral teacher, and during the one-to-ones we have with the pupils, we find that quite a few are struggling with their self-confidence and a lot of it has to do with their weight.

“I wanted to do something that everyone could get involved in, rather than singling people out, because I really think that everyone can get something out of this.

“The challenge is going involve providing advice on healthy eating, water intake and exercise.

“If lots of people come on board then we’ll have a great support factor as it will be such a community event.”

Joanne was inspired to start the project after reading Russell Fox’s book, ‘The Truth About Weight Loss: 28 Day Challenge’.

She said: “Russell’s been great, and happy to help.

“He’s also going to be supporting people, and is doing it free of charge.

“He says that if this helps just one family, it’ll be worth it.”

All those taking part in the St Mungo’s challenge will receive nutrition advice, recipe ideas and daily support.

Joanne’s also been in talks with the school’s canteen to make more healthy foods available for pupils including a salad bar.

Joanne added: “Exercise is a really important part of it.

“I’m trying to set up walk/jog groups in Denny, Bo’ness, Grangemouth and Callendar Park, and have asked a local gym if they will give us some free passes.”

The 28-day challenge will begin with a launch night on Monday, May 18 and run through until June 17.

Joanne added: “With the run up to the summer, I’m hoping that a few hundred people will sign up and take part.”