Social club is now just a ‘bomb site’

Firefighters at the remains of the former social club
Firefighters at the remains of the former social club

It was once a community hub and a venue for countless parties and public meetings over the years.

But now the former Dunipace Juniors Social Club has been largely reduced to a pile of rubble and has been branded as looking like a “bomb site”.

A combination of vandalism, fire damage and neglect has left the building, adjacent to Westfield Park in Denny, as a fenced-off eyesore and a magnet for illegal fly-tipping.

This week officials at the football club, which has not owned or operated the hall for many years, spoke out over its condition and expressed fears that vandals could soon turn their attentions to the stadium.

Vice-chairman John Price said: “We’ve got Church Walk, the pile of rubble that was the cinema and now this. It’s another bomb site in Denny. It just doesn’t look good.

“The club is effectively stuck in limbo as we don’t own the site and have not been responsible for running the club for several years.

“Even if we did, we simply could not afford to pay for the remainder of the building to be demolished and the site to be cleared.”

The former social club has been targeted by arsonists twice in six months, most recently on March 28.

That blaze destroyed a third of the building.

“None of our facilities were damaged, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be in the future,” added Price.

“The area is a magnet for kids walking to and from school.

“To make matters worse, people have now taken to dumping rubbish and all sorts there.

“I’d ask people to help out the club by keeping an eye out and reporting anyone acting suspiciously to the police.”

The matter of who is responsible for clearing the site has been complicated by the fact the building was privately leased, but stands on land owned by Falkirk Council.

A council spokeswoman told The Falkirk Herald this week that the local authority was aware of the issue and that it had arranged for the building to be fenced off.

They added a council joiner had visited the building this week to board up the remaining windows and ensure it was secure.