SNP councillors to fight new Banknock homes bid

Councillor Paul Garner.
Councillor Paul Garner.

A planning row is brewing over a bid to allow a new housing scheme in Banknock, with SNP councillors on Falkirk Council set to contest the proposals.

In a social media post showing a picture of Cumbernauld Road, and a map of the proposed site, Denny and Banknock councillor Paul Garner says Labour and Tory councillors voted to enable a planning bid for the scheme.

The issue arose during a meeting to discuss the updated local development plan for the area.

He said: “The reasons we opposed it were that Falkirk Council Officers have twice previously refused to include this as a preferred site due to ‘the site does not represent a logical extension of the urban area.

‘The development of this site is likely to create a precedent for further unplanned ribbon development along the south side of Cumbernauld Road - it is also within the Antonine Wall WHS buffer zone’.

Councillor Garner added: “We believe there is easily enough housing development already included in the plan, stretching right from Dunipace through to Banknock - do we need another one?

“Cumbernauld Road has historically been used as a ‘rat run’ and as such has a real problem with speeding - this was highlighted at a heated public meeting in Banknock Community Hall last year”.

A public consultation on the local development plan (“LDP2W) will be staged at the end of the month.