Smiles better at Stenhousemuir bakers!

Smile Award nominee Sharon Watson
Smile Award nominee Sharon Watson
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Customers at Greggs in Stenhousemuir can be assured of a friendly face and a cheery smile when they visit the shop.

The warm welcome comes courtesy of Sharon Watson, the latest contender for the Falkirk Herald’s Smile Awards.

Sharon’s nomination came from customer Linda Kelly.

Linda said: “I didn’t know this lady at all but I go in the shop on a Saturday and you always leave the shop feeling good because she is always laughing and smiling. Not once have I found her any different.

“I actually find myself smiling before I go in now and certainly smiling before I leave.

“We used to refer to her as the ‘cheery lady’ before I asked her name.

“We are a nation that are quick enough to complain but never the reverse.

“I’ve never nominated anybody for anything before – it’s not really me – however, when I saw the Smile Awards, I though of Sharon straight away and how apt the award was.

“She would be a worthy winner but I think even the fact that she was being nominated would mean a great deal to her - she certainly makes a difference with her cheery disposition.

“I wouldn’t think of going to any other shop as a result!”

Sharon is assistant manager at the shop where she has worked since it opened nine years ago, having been with Greggs for 13 years in total.

She said: “We have lovely customers and I like being out in the front of the shop talking to people.

“We have lots of regular customers too – we’re very much a village bakers. I don’t know all their names but I know their faces!

“Often people don’t get out much so it’s nice to ask how they are. I tell the staff here we’ve got to remember that we might be the only people they speak to all day.

“I enjoy chatting to people - even if I don’t get a cheery response back!

“People often don’t take time to stop anymore, we’re always in a hurry.

“It’s nice to be nice!”

Linda also forwarded a copy of her nomination to Greggs head office.

Sharon, who lives in Stenhousemuir, added; “I was really surprised when she told me what she had done!

“I got a really nice letter from head office too which was lovely.”