Slamannan man wants his ramp back

Sammy McLeod wants the council to put his ramp back
Sammy McLeod wants the council to put his ramp back
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A man claims council workers robbed him of what remains of his independence when they removed his wheelchair ramp.

Sammy McLeod (55), who suffers from peripheral neuropathy, a degenerative disorder which affects his movement, moved into his home over a decade ago as his condition started to deteriorate.

He said: “I moved here because my family live next door and my mother, who is 82, is my main carer.”

A metal ramp at the side of the property in Bank Street, Slamannan allowed Mr McLeod to unload shopping from his car and, using his walker for support, transfer it safely into his house.

However, this system fell apart earlier this year when Falkirk Council contractors, sent to upgrade insulation, not only removed the ramp, which had been there for six years, but also narrowed a doorway so his walker can no longer fit through the door.

Mr McLeod said: “My mum has to do all my shopping for me now.”

A generous joiner went out of his way to construct a temporary ramp leading to Mr McLeod’s front door, but it is not really fit for purpose. The original ramp is still lying at his back door and all Mr McLeod wants is a return to the way things were.

“It’s been like this for months. Just put it back the way it was. That’s all I’m looking for,” he said.

Falkirk Council said it is working to resolve the situation.

A spokesman said: “The ramp at the side entrance had to be removed. We advised Mr McLeod of the need for this prior to works commencing. Following removal of the ramp, we installed two temporary ramps at the front and side of the property to retain access to his property.

“As part of the upgrading works, a new side entrance has been created. However, as a consequence of the limited available space at the side of the property and the external insulated system, the doorway is now slightly narrower than previously.

“This makes it difficult for Mr McLeod to access the side entrance with his walking frame, but suitable access is still available from the front entrance. A metal wheelchair ramp at the front is considered the most practical option.

“The property has been surveyed and we are now awaiting drawings and estimates to enable the works.”