Sindy doll returns with a makeover

The new-look SindyThe new-look Sindy
The new-look Sindy
One of the most popular British toys of all time is making a comeback.

The Sindy doll, created in the 1960s as an alternative to her American cousin Barbie, has received a makeover after disappearing from UK high streets in 2009 along with stockist Woolworths.

Tesco has given the doll a revamp, a new range of clothes, and made her seven inches taller.

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“We’ve restored her beautiful and unique look,” said Tesco’s head toy buyer Dawn Lavalette, adding: “we also think that many mums out there, who were fans of the original doll themselves, will secretly want one too.”

Sindy through the agesSindy through the ages
Sindy through the ages

Sindy, now 18 inches tall, will have 11 outfits, eight pairs of shoes and accessories while she will also have the company of three friends - Zoe, Kate and Laura.

Ms Lavalette added: “This is just the start of the Sindy revival and next year we will have a whole range of exciting additions for customers to add to their collection, including more playsets and stylish outfits.”

Sindy’s popularity declined in the second half of the 1980s as more Barbie dolls began to be sold.

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After a makeover made Sindy look more like her American rival, there were legal battles with Mattel, the makers of Barbie, who felt their product was being copied.

Sindy was changed again but the sales slump continued and the end of Woolworths was also the death knell for Sindy - until now.