Signs still up in Falkirk area three weeks after big vote

Referendum remnants can still be seen around the area
Referendum remnants can still be seen around the area

Visual reminders of the Scottish Independence Referendum can still be found throughout the Falkirk area three weeks after the vote.

While many people have moved on from the historic events of September 18, binning or storing away their ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ materials, there are a number of homes, businesses and public amenities which still display remnants of the campaign.

Falkirk Council said this week it had no powers, and indeed no responsibility, to remove any posters, signs or stickers from the windows of people’s homes.

However, the local authority can remove materials from council-owned property, including lamp posts and street signs.

A spokesman said the council were not aware of an over abundance of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ material in the area, but confirmed if there was a particular issue with signs on council property it should be reported to them as soon as possible so they can be removed.

Back in 2010 the council agreed on a number of guidelines regarding the display of election posters and other election material.

A report at the time stated: “The guidelines on display of election campaign publicity materials prohibit display of such material on any council property, including lighting columns, traffic sign poles and street furniture.

“This matter was considered and a decision was taken by the council in its capacity as a landowner and was made on the basis that use of the council’s property for widespread display of posters and boards was not appropriate, regardless of the content of such materials.

“At the time the holding of the referendum on Scottish independence was not confirmed and so no reference was made to materials promoting one or other of the possible referendum outcomes.”

The council stated it was going to revise its guidelines for future referendums that may take place.