Signs of the times

Seemingly like all life’s activities, the Boys’ Brigade too, pauses to remember Christmas.

Hopefully boys are encourages to remember the child in the manger and the true meaning of the Incarnation, but I fear from what I hear other celebrations may be to the fore. A sign of the times perhaps?

In helping the secretary of the Stedfast Association with the traditional Christmas cards, I visited the Stirling BB Shop to collect BB cards. The first one I opened depicted reindeer and was designed by a girl, a BB member from Castle Bromwich.

Both signs of the times?

Whilst pantomimes feature prominently in the activities of companies, two have related their experiences. 3rd Falkirk (Peoples Church) had trips for their Juniors and Anchors to The Falkirk Youth Theatre’s ‘Robin Hood’ at Falkirk Town Hall where they enjoyed lots of laughter. The Juniors from 1st Grangemouth (Abbotsgrange Church), however, chose the production at Grangemouth Town Hall and again enjoyed a good night. There again, the (very) seniors from the Stedfast Association visited the MacRobert Centre in Stirling to attend ‘The Little Mermaid’. The experience had me (personally) recall why it may have been quite some time since I ‘did a panto’, amongst such loud clamour, bad sound, risqué jokes and flashing lights; yet such noisy escapism and forgotten lines from the ‘nonsense script’ still seemed to appeal to the majority. ‘Oh yes it did!’ A time, perhaps of the sign of my ‘times’ (age!). Bah! Humbug!

Parties too now seem to be the domain of the younger members from the above two companies whereas the older ones attended the new Sky High Trampoline Park at Bankside and the ten-pin-bowling at Camelon, respectively. Remember taking the first tentative steps to asking a girl out to the BB Christmas dance in the church hall? Perhaps too distant? A sign of the times.

May the Christian message of the Christ Child not be overlooked in all your festivities, as we enjoy the mid-session BB break.

Happy Christmas!