Siege of Bainsford house ends in arrest

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Police in riot gear surrounded a house for four hours following an alleged murder attempt.

Dozens were involved in the incident at 245 Carron Road in Bainsford on Monday which saw the street sealed off. One resident described the scene as ‘‘like something from a cop show’’ with another calling the night ‘‘the scariest of my life’’.

Police were called to the house across from Lidl supermarket at 10 p.m. with the road finally re-opened to traffic at 4 a.m.

One neighbour said: “There were so many police, it was like something out of a cop show. There were lots wearing stab-proof vests and helmets that covered their faces. It went on for hours.

“This is usually a quiet street and no one knows exactly what happened but there are all kinds of rumours.

‘‘When the man was eventually taken away by the police there was a crowd watching and they all cheered as he was led to the van.”

Philip Thomson (40) has been charged with attempted murder and appeared at Falkirk Sheriff Court yesterday (Wednesday). He made no plea and was remanded in custody.

A 43-year-old man was taken to Forth Valley Royal Hospital on Tuesday morning and released following treatment for his injuries.