Shop fitters at work in vacant Grangemouth Tesco store

Shop fitters were spotted entering Grangemouth's former Tesco store
Shop fitters were spotted entering Grangemouth's former Tesco store

Speculation is growing Grangemouth’s vacant Tesco store is about to have a new tenant but rumours have so far proved false.

Hopes were high when residents and shoppers spotted work being carried out on the Talbot Street premises, which supermarket giant Tesco left in April, but reports from Falkirk Council, Lidl and Tesco itself seem to have put an end to dreams of a new store coming soon.

The council told The Falkirk Herald this week the work being carried out may just be Tesco fulfilling its obligation to have the store ready for a new tenant to move into and was not necessarily an indication a business was about to move in.

Tesco backed up this view stating: “We are in discussion with the landlord to end our lease early. This will allow them to seek a new tenant and hopefully bring the unit back to use.”

Tesco leased the store from a company called ETOL and that lease had been due to come to an end in August 2016.

Lidl and Aldi had reportedly shown an interest in the premises, but last week Lidl confirmed it had no plans to open a store in Grangemouth and Aldi has just announced plans to open a branch in nearby Polmont.

The Tesco closure hit footfall in Grangemouth town centre hard and some traders admitted they were not paying themselves a wage in order to keep their shops open.

Over 60 store workers’ jobs were lost when the firm decided the branch was “unprofitable” – something which employees and shoppers did not agree with, saying the store had been doing good business in the last few years.