Seven-year-old finds shovel in Falkirk’s Helix pond

Workmen getting the Helix Park and pond ready for the public
Workmen getting the Helix Park and pond ready for the public

A youngster was lucky to avoid a sliced foot this afternoon after he stepped on a shovel while paddling in the pond at the Helix Park.

Carrronshore Primary School pupil Cameron Paterson (7) kicked the shovel, which was submerged in some mud on the bottom of the pond, just before 3 p.m. and immediately brought it to the attention of his family.

James Paterson, Cameron’s dad, said: “I asked him where he got it and he said it was in the water, sticking in the mud. Thankfully he didn’t hurt himself - lucky it wasn’t something like a pickaxe.

“You just worry when you see youngsters jumping in the pond and paddling - what else could lying in there.”

James brought the shovel discovery to the attention of the park supervisor and was told to fill out an incident report.

A Falkirk Community Trust spokesperson said: “Falkirk Community Trust has initiated a full investigation into the background to the incident and staff have already apologised to Cameron.

“We will be discussing the matter with the contractors involved in the construction of the lagoon, and will investigate further into the matter. FCT does not encourage swimming in the lagoon outwith organised, supervised events.

“Thousands of people from across Scotland have been using the facilities at Helix Park since we first opened in September last year and we are fully committed to ensuring that they do so safely.”