SEPA take action after landfill discharge into River Carron

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A landfill operator is in trouble with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency again after it was found to be polluting the River Carron.

According to SEPA, Central Demolition (Recycling) Ltd’s West Carron Landfill site, which already has an enforcement notice in place over problems with leachate and landfill gas control, is now responsible for allowing a discharge to enter the River Carron.

A SEPA spokesman said: “This discharge is subject to ongoing investigation and enforcement action in relation to surface water management. During a recent inspection other points of discharge within the site were also identified, including leachate contaminated surface water runoff which was observed to be entering the river and was sampled by SEPA officers.

“We will continue to inspect the site on a regular basis in the coming weeks to record progress and gather evidence as necessary.”

SEPA also issued Central Demolition with a final warning letter on December 29 in relation to inadequate cover material being applied to waste deposits and ineffective surface water management.