SEPA serve notice on West Carron site

West Carron landfill.
West Carron landfill.

Environmental watchdog SEPA has responded to complaints from residents over West Carron landfill site.

The organisation investigated claims that offensive odours were coming from the premises, which is managed by Central Demolition (Recycling), and has now taken action.

A SEPA spokesman said: “We have continued to receive complaints of offensive odour from residents in the vicinity of the West Carron landfill. While the permit holder has undertaken some works to improve the management of leachate on site, we consider further action is required to comply with permitted conditions and on December 14 issued an Enforcement Notice.”

The notice specifies steps which are to be taken to investigate, confirm the cause and suitably contain the incident along with measures required in relation to ensuring waste operations are carried out to prevent offensive odours from being detectable beyond the site boundary.

Central Demolition (Recycling) took over the running of the site from Oran Environmental Solutions three years ago

In September Falkirk Council planning committee heard the site had been upgraded and had improved its performance to such an extent SEPA had only received six complaints regarding the premises since the start of the year.