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The Ice Bucket Challenge is still sending shivers down the spines of the nation as thousands go through the nippy ritual.

Instead of giving the global fundraising phenomenon the cold shoulder, local residents have embraced it and gasps and screams can be heard coming from homes and businesses.

Fakirk Herald editor Colin Hume takes on the Ice Bucket Challenge

Fakirk Herald editor Colin Hume takes on the Ice Bucket Challenge

Both The Falkirk Herald editor Colin Hume and sports editor David Oliver have braved the Baltic bath and Falkirk elected representatives council leader Craig Martin and MP Eric Joyce among them have also absorbed the shock of a sub zero soaking.

Starting off in the US back in May as the ‘Cold Water Challenge’ participants are asked to raise cash for the charity of their choice. The challenge was soon adopted by ALS Research as a way to raise funds and awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

In the UK, the main charity associated with the challenge is the Motor Neurone Disease Association, but Macmillan Cancer Support has also felt the benefit from people digging deep after drying off and heating up.

Rules vary from US to UK and from area to area, but they roughly adhere to the following: within 24 or 48 hours of being challenged participants have to record a video of themselves pouring a bucket of ice cold water, or having it poured, over their head.

They can then issue a challenge of their own to family members, friends or colleagues. Famous faces around the world have accepted the challenge, including George W. Bush, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg, Usain Bolt, Tom Cruise and Victoria Beckham. Actor Charlie Sheen poured $10,000 over his head and then donated it to ALS.

If you would like to share your Ice Bucket challenge with us, log on to and we’ll feature as many as possible.