Secret of a long life? A daily glass of water!

Helen and her family mark the big 100
Helen and her family mark the big 100

The secret to making it to 100 years old has been revealed by Ivybank House nursing home’s newest centenarian.

A glass of lukewarm water and a lifetime avoiding fatty foods is what Helen Thomson says helped her reach the landmark age 
according to her son, Drew (67).

On Sunday, Helen celebrated the milestone surrounded by family and friends at the Falkirk care home.

Drew said: “We had a small gathering with some relatives from England and my cousin Margaret Forsyth at Ivy House and mum enjoyed seeing all our 

The Edinburgh-born housewife married James Thomson during the 
Second World War and the couple had one child together.

Helen also worked in Mathieson’s bakery on Falkirk High Street for a number of years.

Drew said: “She loved driving and was a big fan of motor cars.”

Drew said his mum is a very straight-talking, proud Edinburgh woman.

For her birthday Drew flew back from his home in South Africa where he lives with his children, Jean-Luc (9) and two-year-old James Neil.