Search for Falkirk connection

William Sloan
William Sloan

An amateur family historian is searching for relatives of his grandfather to help him celebrate his 90th birthday.

William Hogg (37) has spent the last three weeks researching his grandad’s family tree and now believes a lot of his relatives could still be living in the Falkirk and Grangemouth area.

William Sloan, who will reach 90 in June, is from Glasgow, but seems to have a strong link to the Falkirk area.

Mr Hogg said: “My grandfather’s grandfather and grandmother had eight children.

“I think his grandmother died quite young, and for some reason, my grandfather’s grandfather seems to have upped sticks with five of the children and moved to Falkirk in the 1920s. Those eight children would have been my grandfather’s aunts and uncles.

“I know some of those aunts and uncles died in the Falkirk area, so I think it’s possible that some of their relatives are still in Falkirk.”

Mr Hogg is also following other leads, such as names that have passed down through the female line.

He said: “My grandfather’s grandmother was Euphemia Harper. When she married she became Euphemia Harper Sloan, but some of my grandfather’s aunties and their children had Euphemia and Harper in their names.”

Mr Hogg added: “My gran died about four years ago, so I’d really like to find more of my grandad’s relatives.

“I’ve already found one of his second cousins.”

Anyone who can help can contact Mr Hogg on 07983 975614.