Seahouses camp of ‘Biblical’ proportions

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On July 11, 21 boys and five officers from Second Bo’ness (St Andrew’s Church) safely returned from camp at Seahouses, where trials of biblical similarity seemed to have stalked them.

On July 3, with some canvas erected, ‘the floodgates of the sky were opened’ (Genesis 7:12) and an adjacent holiday cottage was hit by lightening and its roof caught alight! Thankfully erection of the camp steel flagpole had been delayed.

The Sunday church parade to the local Methodist Church seemed to be exempt from any biblical proportions as the former prison chaplain kept the sermon to seven minutes in keeping with attention spans of his former worshipers; not to mention BB boys.

‘Culture’ prevailed on a visit to the reconstructed period village at Beamish when the boys all returned to the rendezvous point minus the skipper.

The ‘fatigues’ later were almost worth it! Alan Dawson, a local old sea dog took everyone fishing to the Farne Islands. Alas no fish, till he told everyone ‘to cast again on the other side’ (Luke 5:4) where upon mackerel in excess of 40 in number meant a change from haggis to fresh fish for supper. As the boat returned to harbour a crowd, perhaps less than 5000, had gathered almost with the expectation that Trotter’s baker’s van would almost have fitted, to deliver the bread to go with the fish (Matthew 14 story) with perhaps still enough left for supper. Not even the lifeboat, the actual centre of attention, detracted from the illusion.

Complimented on their behaviour by the site wardens, someone visiting nearby posted it on ‘Trip Advisor’ as a credit to the BB. Captain Walter Williamson paid tribute to all the boys, staff and parents and second Polmont (Old Church) for the use of their marquee. Roll on next year with perhaps a significant rainbow? (Genesis 9:13).