Scrapyard row is rumbling

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Objectors to plans to allow additional scrap metal to be stored at an auto salvage yard want their views to be heard.

Bonnybridge residents who attended a site visit by Falkirk Council planning committee to All Parts yard in the village’s Hillview Road on Monday were left feeling they had not had an opportunity to get their points across.

A Reilly Gardens resident, who was attending his third site meeting at the location in as many years, said: “The planning convener called the meeting to a close and would not allow anyone else to speak as, according to him, the residents had already been given ample opportunities to make their points.

“Many of us, myself included, were caught by surprise at this decision as they still had questions and tried to raise points, but he insisted the meeting was declared closed and would not allow any further questions.”

Planning committee convener David Alexander responded: “We followed the procedures laid down for a formal meeting of the council. Those procedures are made known to the residents by letter and by meyself at the meeting.

“We have agreed to allow the residents to have a chance to make a statement before next week’s planning committee meeting.”

The All Parts’ application will be discussed at Wednesday’s committee.