Scouts get go-ahead for houses proposal

Scout Hall, 66th Stirlingshire
Scout Hall, 66th Stirlingshire
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A Scout hall that has been used by generations of youngsters may be 
demolished to make way 
for houses.

Despite Falkirk Council throwing out the planning application, mainly on road safety grounds, it has now been given the go-ahead.

However, a councillor has voiced fears for both pedestrians and road users.

Falkirk District Scout Council submitted a plan to the local authority to develop the land at the former 66th Stirlingshire Scout hall, off Gartcows Road in Falkirk.

They wanted to demolish the unused hall and build up to three houses.

But earlier this year, a 
recommendation from council planners to grant planning permission in principle, subject to conditions being met, was rejected by councillors who threw out the application.

Planning committee members had heard nearby residents were concerned about the access to the site, which is off Gartcows Road and along narrow Well Road.

Councillor Colin Chalmers said: “I called this matter in to committee after receiving a number of concerns from people, particularly those living in the Greenhorn’s Well development.

“I moved against this in terms of road safety and I am disappointed that it has now been given the go-ahead.”

The Scouts lodged their case for a review with the 
Directorate for Planning and Environment Appeals on May 30 and it has now been determined.

The Reporter ruled the access was “acceptable” for the number of houses to be built, although traffic during the demolition and construction would have to be controlled.

The applicant has now been given permission to proceed in principle subject to six conditions, including limiting the houses built to three and upgrading the first 50 metres of the access to the site on Well Road.

Mark Wallace, Falkirk District Commissioner, said: “The hall was last used on an ad hoc basis over three years ago and by the 66th 10 years ago. It was uneconomical to carry out the repairs needed.

“Scouting is growing across the district and any money raised from the sale will be ploughed back into the movement locally.”