Scots are the biggest movie snackers!

Movie lovers in Scotland are the biggest snackers, according to a new survey.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 14th January 2017, 6:00 pm
Movie lovers in Scotland are the biggest snackers when watching movies in the UK
Movie lovers in Scotland are the biggest snackers when watching movies in the UK

Bizarrely, the poll also found the Scots are the most preferable to watching movies in their pants than anywhere else in the UK.

The survey of 2,000 consumers, conducted by Censuswide in association with Sony Movie Channel, revealed that Brits watch an average of 104 movies per year, making the total number of movies watched in the UK on an average year over five billion.

The poll revealed comedy as the preferred film choice in every category. It was the top result for consumers watching films on their own (32 per cent), with their partner (37 per cent) and with friends (30 per cent).

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Film fans in Bristol watch the most movies, with the average Bristolian watching 3 movies a week, totally 156 movies per year.

Men tend to watch more movies than women, an average of three per week, versus two per week for women. And perhaps surprisingly, one in five men prefer to watch a movie alone than with their partner, compared to just 14 per cent of women. Furthermore, over one in 20 Brits (six per cent) said they couldn’t go without surround sound when watching a movie at home.

The survey also revealed some interesting results around film viewing habits of the British public, with snacks considered the most essential item for a movie marathon (36 per cent). 16-24 year olds prioritised snacking the most, with almost half (48 per cent) saying they couldn’t go without snacks when watching a movie at home. Crisps were the preferred snack of choice (16 per cent), closely followed by chocolate and popcorn (15 per cent each). Brits in Glasgow are the biggest home movie snackers, with only seven per cent saying they never have a snack when watching a movie.

We’re also a nation of tea-drinkers, with a quarter of Brits making it their drink of choice when watching a movie, followed by coffee (16 per cent), soft drinks (15 per cent), wine (14 per cent) and then beer (10 per cent).

Overall 44 per cent of Brits think pajamas are the perfect outfit for a movie marathon; however women definitely prioritise comfort over men, with double the amount of females than males thinking pajamas are the best choice (60 per cent vs 30 per cent).