School officers key role in our policing

Damian Armstrong
Damian Armstrong

It was great to hear that Falkirk Council’s education department approved funding for two additional school-based officers.

With the Force’s commitment to the other six, it ensures all high schools in the Falkirk area are covered.

School-based officers have already been working successfully in five high schools and their impact will soon be enjoyed by Graeme, Bo’ness and Grangemouth High Schools.

Experience has shown that these officers do much more than just providing a reassuring policing presence.

Officers are building long term relationships with pupils, staff, families and the wider communities.

They offer advice and assistance where needed and support teaching staff too.

Yes, they are there to deal with minor crime but they also support initiatives such as the delivery of the social norm project in partnership with staff and Falkirk Alcohol and Drug Partnership.

We are delighted to welcome this funding; it’s a positive opportunity to build on existing success and develop the school based officer role further.

The level of interest already shown by officers to the three upcoming posts proves that they too believe it is key in the delivery of local policing.