Salmond in Falkirk as vote draws near

First Minister Alex Salmond addresses his audience at the Park Hotel
First Minister Alex Salmond addresses his audience at the Park Hotel

First Minister Alex Salmond visited Falkirk this week to drive forward the case for an independent Scotland.

Mr Salmond joined former independent Falkirk MSP and Labour MP Dennis Canavan at the Yes Campaign event held in the Park Hotel on Tuesday night.

With just over a fortnight until the Scottish Independence Referendum, the First Minister addressed a full house.

Yes Campaign headquarters made no comment on the event, but reports on its Facebook site pointed to a well-attended meeting where Mr Salmond and Mr Canavan, who was chairing the meeting, were both well received.

Debbie Simpson said: “Great night. When Alex Salmond speaks you know he cares about Scotland and wants what’s best for the Scottish people.”

Nicola Davidson said: “Great to see Dennis in the forefront. He so deserves the position as a politician of great credibility, conviction and public service. He has my trust.”

East Falkirk MP Michael Connarty, meanwhile, took to the streets of Grangemouth recently to spread the message about the benefits of Scotland remaining part of the United Kingdom.

Mr Connarty, along with members and representatives of the Labour Party, knocked on doors and engaged with people on the upcoming referendum, putting forward the Better Together case.

A Better Together spokesperson said: “Members of the public were enthusiastic in entering into discussion with the canvassers. Impressive results of the study of over 200 houses showed a 50 per cent response in favour of the Better Together campaign, while 28 per cent opted for separation and 22 per cent of people were still undecided. The team even came across members of the SNP who said they would be voting ‘No’ as Alex Salmond had turned them off with unconvincing arguments during the televised debates.

“The general consensus was although Alex Salmond may have won the debate, he had not won the argument.”