Rogue owners stymie kids in Falkirk

Dog Fouling Campaign
Dog Fouling Campaign
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Children are being denied the chance to enjoy local play parks because of the amount of dog dirt, an angry mum has complained.

Although Falkirk Council has been working hard to tackle the problem, councillors admit it is one of the top complaints they get from residents.

The council’s Wanted campaign, which encourages the public to report irresponsible dog owners, is one weapon being used.

Mmum-of-two Lisa Fitzpatrick said the problem is particularly bad near her home and she worries about the health risks.

Lisa, who lives in Garbett Place, Newcarron, said: “I sometimes come out of my house to find dog dirt on the doorstep.

“It’s a big problem, especially around the playparks.

“I have a four-year-old daughter and I don’t let her go there anymore. There are lots of families here and the children should have somewhere to play.

“If children stand in dog dirt, they can walk it through the house. That’s bad enough, but it can be really dangerous if they touch it.”

Dog fouling remains a big bugbear for residents, but progress is being made claims the council.

Its campaign, which began last year, has been rolled out in nine areas for a period of four weeks to target dog fouling offenders in the worst-affected areas.

The initiative has seen patrols by community safety teams increased and the area bombarded with posters, banners and leaflets.

A council spokesman said: “Surveys are carried out in these areas and fouling levels have decreased by just over 50 per cent.

“There has been approximately 20 fixed penalty notices and three warning letters have been issued, however the main result has been the fall in fouling levels in campaign areas.”

Councillor Jim Blackwood, the council’s spokesperson for public protection said: “This lady is right, and this happens in many areas. Every councillor receives a significant number of complaints about dog fouling. The majority of dog owners are responsible but there are still people who ignore the warnings.”