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Kung Fu Academy
Kung Fu Academy

Kung Fu Academy are one band who really know their chops.

The Edinburgh-based funky four-piece feature the vocals of Falkirk’s own Bobby Osborne and have all the musicianship and music biz savvy any band could ever want.

They are about to put all their skills to the test when they launch their debut six-track EP ‘Dirty Honey’ at Glasgow’s O2 Academy on Saturday, October 8.

Their musical journey began when former Graeme High School pupil Bobby met up with guitarist Laurence Murray, bass player Duncan Robertson and drummer Fraser De Banzie at the capital city’s Napier University.

Things clicked academically right away - but it was the fledgling band’s extra curricular activities which made the biggest waves.

Bobby said: “We’ve been playing together as a band for six months, ever since we met up at an ensemble exam during our music studies.

“That worked out well so we thought we would continue playing together on the outside too.”

However, one of the students - the lead vocalist - was a tiny bit reluctant to form a band and this led directly to the guys coming up with the group’s high-kicking name, as Bobby explained.

“We didn’t get the feeling he was interested in forming a band so we would sneak out to practice without him.

“Any time he asked where we were all going we just told him we were off to the Kung Fu Academy. It was an in-joke but the name stuck.”

Post funk with a bluesy edge, Kung Fu Academy were thrown into the limelight at their first ever gig.

“It was at the Wee Red House in Edinburgh,” said Bobby. “The headliner’s bus was leaving early so they asked us to headline the gig instead.

“It went okay, but we have all got at least five year’s experience gigging and playing with other bands - we all know what we’re doing.

“We just want to take things as far as we can - maybe do a tour and hit the big time.”

The band’s debut EP will hopefully go some way to helping them accomplish this goal.

Along with the title track, it contains original Kung Fu classics like ‘Kingston’, ‘Can’t Catch It Twice’, ‘Ginger’, ‘Noose’ and ‘U.F.E (Untitled Funk Exploration)’.

“It was hard work,” said Bobby. “We recorded the drum and bass parts early on in Duncan’s living room and then just kept adding bits and pieces as we went along whenever we had the time.

“We sent it away to an Edinburgh studio to be mastered and it sounded great when it came back - we really like it.”

The band hope their audience will like it too at the O2 Academy on October 8 and before that, when they play a pre-launch warm-up gig at Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh on Sunday, October 2.

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