Retro nostalgia 1996: Town centre diner is already in headlines

Start spreading the news ... a new restaurant is in the headlines this week.

In fact, Lee Michael’s restaurant in Manor Street has lots of headlines – not
to mention stories and adverts!

The new eaterie has used back copies of The Falkirk Herald to ‘‘paper’’ its walls and create a cosy ‘‘reading room’’ feel.

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Boss Lee Watson came up with the idea after seeing an English bar decorated with newspapers.

‘‘We thought it would provide a topic of conversation for people coming in here,’’ he said.

‘‘We couldn’t give everyone a paper, so we put papers all over the walls.

‘‘I’ve used copies of the Falkirk Herald and The Falkirk Advertiser going back two years.

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‘‘I also managed to get photocopies of older papers going back to the 1900s. It’s a real talking point.

‘‘In fact, we sometimes have to tell people to come back to their seats for their starters. They get so engrossed in reading the walls!’’

Lee (25) from Alva, opened the new Mexican/American diner just before Christmas.

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