Retro Nostalgia 1996: Number is up for baker’s novelty

Staff at a Falkirk bakery reckon they have found a sugar-coated route to riches – lucky lottery doughnuts.

Mathieson’s the Bakers came up with the mouthwatering idea to raise money for charity during National Doughnut Week.

Each doughnut has six numbers, drawn at random, iced on it.

In theory, there are 14 million possible number combinations so it is unlikely that any two doughnuts will be the same.

The tasty cakes will be on sale at all Mathieson’s bakeries and restaurants tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday.

George Stevenson, Mathieson’s managing director, said: ‘‘We’re hoping that if anyone wins after buying a lucky doughnut, they will give some of their winnings to charity.’’