Retro nostalgia 1995: Junior Cup medal returned to owner

Former Camelon Juniors player Bobby Park has been reunited with his Scottish Junior Cup final runners-up medal ... three decades after he lost it!

The gold medal was found by 11 year old Garry Hamilton in a field near his home at Lomond Drive, Langlees.

Bobby’s name was engraved on the back to commemorate the 1952 final when Camelon were beaten 1-0 by Kilbirnie Ladeside before 70,000 fans at Hampden Park.

Garry mentioned his find to his aunt Isa Kirkpatrick who stays at Simpson Street, Camelon. She knows Bobby (pictured) and was happy to reunite the medal with its rightful owner.

Bobby (71) thought his hopes of ever seeing his medal had gone for ever when he lost it while scouting for players at the BA playing fields in the 1960s.