Retro nostalgia 1987: Camelon's classic Jaguar restorer

A chance meeting in a pub three years ago turned Gordon Beattie's life long hobby into a viable business concern.

Now the 28 year old mechanic has moved into top gear with specialist restoration and renovation of classic Jaguar cars. ‘‘I have been motor daft all my life but I have a special regardm for Jaguars,’’ he said. They are true thoroughbreds with the classic bodyline and interior. |My firstcar was a Jag and the thought of repairing them professionally was always at the back of my mind.

‘‘While in a Camelon pub the owner spotted my Mark II model outside. He asked me who maintained it.

‘‘When I explained I did my own repairs he asked me if I would repair his Mark II and things just took off from there. My love for these cars keeps me going.’’

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