Retro Nostalgia 1986: Big break for Jay in musical role

Polmont actor Colin '˜'˜Jay'' Jackson has landed a major part in the forthcoming production of '˜'˜Fiddler on the Roof'' by Scottish Opera and the Scottish Singers' Company.

He plays Russian student Per-chek in this his biggest break to date.

As well as Bill McCue and Una McLean, the cast features Una Buchanan, Patricia Hay, Linda Ormiston, Donld Maxwell and Alan Oke.

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Colin (28) began his acting career as an amateur with Falkirk Operatic Society and Falkirk Bohemians before graduating from Edinburgh’s Queen Margaret College.

He has filled various roles on stage and also appeared as a uniformed police constable in Scottish Television’s thriller series ‘‘Taggart’’.

Colin’s sister, Heather (22), is also appearing in ‘‘Fiddler on the Roof’’ as part of the chorus.

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