Retro nostalgia 1983: ‘Good luck charm’ just flourished

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Teenager Judith Mackay is claiming a record for her sky-high avocado plant.

In four years the plant has grown from a seed to almost nine feet tall and has taken over the foyer at Denny High School.

The avocado stone was given to Judith (17) as a good luck charm for her second year exams.

‘‘It worked because I passed all my exams,’’ she said.

‘‘It just lay in my pencil case for several months. My biology teacher suggested I soak it in water and then plant it.’’

Within a few weeks a small shoot appeared and, like Topsy, it just ‘‘growed and growed’’.

Now Judith, of Allan Crescent, Dunipace, has a problem, whether to move the giant plant and risk it dying or leave it where it is.’’