Retro Nostalgia 1970: Catch of the day was biggest ever!

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The biggest fish to come out of the Carron Valley Reservoir since it opened for fishing in 1941 was caught this week.

Using a No.14 Grouse and Purple fly, Thomas Davidson (57), of Win-gate Place, Kippen, pulled out a gigantic bull trout on Tuesday morning. It was a magnificent specimen measuring 19 inches in length with a 12 inch girth. The weight was a grand three and three-quarter pounds.

Mr Davidson fishes on the reservoir ‘‘whenever I can afford it’’ he said.

He was accompanied this week by his son, Gordon (24).

Robin Kilpatrick, the reservoir keeper, said: ‘‘I was amazed when Mr Davidson brought it in.

‘‘It was a real whopper. No doubt we will have a run on fishing permits now.’’