Retired residents to the rescue in kitten crisis

Sooty the cat was helped by residents at Hanover's Sir John Graham Court sheltered housing in Larbert
Sooty the cat was helped by residents at Hanover's Sir John Graham Court sheltered housing in Larbert

A band of kind-hearted residents at a sheltered housing complex took it upon themselves to care for some abandoned kittens discovered at the premises.

The furry trio were recently discovered hiding in the back garden of their Hanover (Scotland) Housing Association development Sir John Graham Court in Larbert.

This tender tale began when the first of the three kittens, now known as Roxxy, was discovered in the garden by a 60-year-old resident, who managed to entice the frozen feline into her kitchen with food and milk.

The cheeky kitten then repaid this act of kindness by hiding behind the kitchen counter.

After two days of searching Roxxy was rescued again and has now been adopted by a Falkirk resident.

As this drama was unfolding, another resident noticed two other kittens scurrying under the development’s summer house and remembered that an adult cat had been sadly killed on the nearby Stirling Road a few days earlier.

The residents realised they probably had the whole abandoned litter on their hands.

A Scottish SPCA officer visited to advise on how to entice the two kittens out and a rescue cage was baited with food and milk to accomplish this task.

Five days later the first hungry kitten, now named Sweep, pounced on the food and was safely transported to the nearby Cats Protection centre in Clackmannanshire.

The cage was reset and 24, hours later, the last kitten, named Sooty, made a brave grab for the food and was subsequently reunited with its sibling at the Cat Protection centre.

Jackie Young, Sir John Graham Court housing manager, said: “We are delighted all our kittens are now safe. The residents worked around the clock to ensure our furry friends were safe.

“Roxxy has already been adopted by a Falkirk resident and is a friendly, happy kitten who loves playing with her toys and new owner. We definitely feel like the kitten’s got the cream.”