Residents urge council to refuse Ineos road closure plan

Scenes from the Ineos road closure meeting in Grangemouth High SchoolScenes from the Ineos road closure meeting in Grangemouth High School
Scenes from the Ineos road closure meeting in Grangemouth High School
The people of Grangemouth and Bo'ness made it clear to Falkirk Council, Ineos and everyone else they want Bo'ness Road to remain open.

Ineos has lodged plans to build a security management centre and gatehouse to permanently close off a section of public road near its site in Grangemouth.

Falkirk Council’s planning committee and other elected members met at a pre-determination meeting at Grangemouth High School tonight to hear more about the plans and to listen to objections.

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Gordon Milne, Ineos Grangemouth operations director, was there to state the case for the public road to be closed.

He said: “This plan is an important part of our future growth and will help to secure future success for Grangemouth. It’s a forward looking and enabling application that provides confidence.

“The road being open creates certain safety and security concerns.”

However, other concerns were raised from the council’s transport planning unit that the firm’s £2 million mitigation package to offset the road closure was less than adequate.

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It was also stated Ineos was closing off a “lifeline” for residents of Bo’ness.

Walter Inglis, of Grangemouth Community Council, said: “We have made it clear to Ineos this road closure would create difficulties for the communities of Grangemouth and Bo’ness.

“The presence of Ineos in this community is important in so many ways, but they shouldn’t take that as licence to do whatever they want. They should see the community as a partner and not an obstacle to be overcome.

“We urge Falkirk Council to refuse this application in its current form. Grangemouth and Bo’ness deserve better.”

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Having heard the views of both sides, Falkirk Council will make a decision on the planning application at a special meeting of all members on Wednesday, March 29.

For more on tonight’s meeting read this week’s edition of The Falkirk Herald.