Residents launch Make Bonnybridge Bonny campaign to tackle littering issue

A campaign has been launched to ensure Bonnybridge is kept clean amid growing concerns over littering in the town.

Monday, 5th March 2018, 2:26 pm
Updated Monday, 5th March 2018, 3:27 pm
Bonnybridge community councillors Brian Hastings (right) and Fiona Russell are asking for support to stop littering. Picture by Michael Gillen.

The Make Bonnybridge Bonny initiative was thought up by disgruntled members of the town’s community council who have grown weary of paths and public spaces being left covered in debris.

Residents and businesses have been urged to get on board with the project by sparing some time to tidy up litter as and when they can.

Brian Hastings, Bonnybridge Community Council member, said: “We’re trying to encourage people to take a bit more pride in where they live.

“We’re also trying to encourage local businesses to keep their shop fronts clean and tidy.

“Bonnybridge is thriving at the moment so it’s just about people respecting their own town. If enough of us take ten minutes in our day to fill up a bag with litter it’ll help.”

Broken and empty bottles being left strewn across ground behind the old Bonnybridge Social Club is a long-standing issue for the area, according to residents.

Dog walkers have also raised concerns over the impact others’ disregard for the environment is having on their pets, with some forced to pay sky-high surgery bills for injuries caused by shards of glass.

Brian added: “As a local resident who walks dogs, I’m sick to the back teeth of picking up bottles.

“The back of the old social club is a haven for Buckfast bottles — every week I’m picking up at least six.

“The last couple of times my dog’s been hurt it’s been through broken glass and it’s cost me over £400 because it was a deep slash and it went into the tendon.

“She has breast cancer and enlarged ventricles which mean she’s not suitable for surgery so were she to get a significant cut to her paw it could have a significant impact.”

Bonnybridge Community Council is running a community litter pick later this month to help tackle the problem.

A Falkirk Council spokeswoman said: “We are happy to support community groups in their efforts to keep their communities clean and tidy and can provide equipment and advice for organised litter picks.”

Email [email protected] to report litter.