Research reveals a huge increase in employees feeling stressed at work

New research from, a new specialist life and protection advisory firm, reveals that 46% of employees feel more stressed at work than they did a year ago, compared to 12% who are less stressed.

Just under one in five employees (17%) feel their work stress levels are ‘much higher’ than they were 12 months ago.

Some 16% of people in work claim to have taken medical advice to help them cope with work-related stress, and 13% are on medication partly because of this.

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The impact of this is not just felt at work. Some 55% of those suffering from work related stress say it has adversely affected their sleep, and 19% claim it’s contributed towards a decline in their relationship with their partner. Four out of ten (40%) say work-related stress means they are not eating properly and 42% are doing less exercise. targets SMEs with between 50 and 200 employees to help them ensure their staff has adequate life, critical illness and health insurance. It is also launching a new service to provide senior executives within these companies a personalised health and wellbeing service. This will include a trained fitness instructor and nutrition coach individually reviewing senior managers to make personalised recommendations in these areas.

In terms of why people are feeling more stressed at work, the main reason is they have been asked to do more under their current role - the response from 57% of those who feel more stressed. This is followed by 26% who said it’s because the organisation they work for is under greater financial strain; 26% who said their line manager is not functioning properly and one in four (25%) who said they are just generally working longer hours.

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