Rescued doll captures Falkirk hearts

The doll was found outside the Wheelhouse restaurant
The doll was found outside the Wheelhouse restaurant

A woman who took an abandoned child’s toy home for safe keeping has become a hit on Facebook.

Arlene Forsyth from Shieldhill spotted a little girl’s rag doll lying outside a bus shelter near the Wheelhouse restaurant.

She assumed a child had dropped it and would be back to collect it.

But, after a month of seeing the doll lying out in the cold and the rain, Arlene took it home for some TLC, and posted the doll’s picture on The Falkirk Herald’s Facebook site to appeal for its owner to come forward

A few days later, the story had over 700 likes and more than 100 comments.

Arlene, a midwife at FVRH, said: “It’s been amazing. So many people have taken to the story and are sharing it with their friends.

“There so many bad things going on these days, I think people just like a nice story.

“We all know what it’s like to have a toy as a child and keep it forever, so I think that’s what people like about the story.”

Arlene has been ‘fostering’ the rag doll at home since Saturday.

After she took it in off the streets, Arlene washed the doll and ironed her clothes.

She added: “I just really hope the little girl who owns this doll comes forward, and I’d like to thank everyone who has shared this story.”

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