Redding youngster faces first haircut for good cause

Emma says 'cheerio' to hair she has had all her life.
Emma says 'cheerio' to hair she has had all her life.

Little Emma Bell volunteered to lose her hair - to help youngsters who have lost theirs through illness.

The big-hearted eight-year-old from Main Street in Redding told her mum to book her first-ever appointment at the hair salon after reading about the work the Little Princess Trust does for children suffering from cancer.

Last week she took her place in the chair at SJ Hair in Falkirk’s Bank Street and watched with a big smile on her face while stylist Sara Jayne Hughes snipped off ten and a half inches of her flowing locks to be sent to the charity and made into a wig.

Proud mum, Lisa (36) said: “Once she made her decision to have it cut she couldn’t get to the salon quickly enough. Emma found the Little Princes Trust website page on her laptop and so touched by the work they do for the boys and girls was determined to make a donation.

“We’d been trying for years to persuade her to have a haircut but until she read about these children had made it clear she wasn’t interested. Now we’re all very proud of her. We think it was a really ‘grown up’ thing for her to do.”

Emma, a P4 pupil at Westquarter Primary, contacted the Trust herself for a fundraising pack then asked her family - and the teachers at her school - to sponsor her effort with the result that as well as her hair, £1200 is also going to the charity.

Her mum added: “She organised everything herself. When she heard her dad and grandad were taking part in the annual Free Colliers Walk through the village she made sure they both had sponsorship sheets with them and they all came back pretty full.

“Now she has done a really good thing and has a new hair style she and her sisters, Caitlin, Jessica and Eva think is just great.”

Emma said: “I was really excited about knowing my hair will be made into a wig for someone who has lost theirs because of their treatment. I also like my new look very much!”