Recycling firm wants to move out of Falkirk

Redeem's Falkirk factory could soon be closing
Redeem's Falkirk factory could soon be closing

Redeem Plc has entered into consultation about closing its factory in Falkirk with the potential loss of over 40 local jobs.

The firm, which recycles mobile phones and electronics for businesses and charities, confirmed it was now looking at winding up its operations in Etna Road, which reportedly employs 41 members of staff.

A Redeem spokesman said: “We have begun statutory consultation on the proposed transfer of our processing work from Falkirk to our plant in Macclesfield, which could result in the potential closure of the Falkirk warehouse.

“No decisions have been made at this time. Redeem relies on highly efficient processes in order to stay competitive and maintain growth. We have three operations sites in the UK, and it makes most sense for us to consolidate these into two sites.

“The Macclesfield facility is under-utilised and has enough capacity for significant additional volumes, supported by excellent IT infrastructure. As part of the move, we will be creating several new processing jobs in Macclesfield.”