Recruitment drive lands Falkirk BB Company in bother

The 8th Falkirk Boys' Brigade Company meets in Bainsford Parish Church
The 8th Falkirk Boys' Brigade Company meets in Bainsford Parish Church

A Boys’ Brigade leader has hit out after being ordered by council bosses to take down posters inviting youngsters to join the organisation.

In an effort to promote its activities Paul Mitchell, captain of 8th Falkirk BB, arranged for three banners to be placed near Bainsford Parish Church where they meet.

But only two days after they were put in place he was stunned to be told by Falkirk Council to remove them because of road safety concerns.

Paul (26) said: “We received an email warning if we didn’t remove them they would be taken away and destroyed. They classed one we put up on a fence opposite Lidl as ‘dangerous’ because it is beside the road and banned another one at David’s Loan which is only minutes away from the Big Bar which has been covered in banners for years!

“All we were trying to do was drum up a bit of publicity and let parents know about our activities. I think the council’s been very heavy handed.

“Surely it should be working with organisations like ours to bring communities together. Instead, some ‘jobsworth’ wants to make a name for them self by picking on us.”

Parents have visited 8th Falkirk’s Facebook page to lend their support. Paul says members of Bainsford Parish Church are also “disgusted” at the council’s approach.

A council spokesman said: “We’ve met the BB to suggest a much safer area for displaying banners and happy to help them look for a suitable site.

“We will take action against anyone who does not have proper consent to place advertisements in an attempt to combat the growing problem of unauthorised posters and displays.”