Pupil at Falkirk primary has hair-raising charity plan

Liza is ready for her first hair cut and helping charity
Liza is ready for her first hair cut and helping charity

Big hearted youngster Liza Loutsenko will visit a hairdressing salon for the first time in her life - for a good cause.

The 10-year-old P6 pupil at Comely Park Primary has volunteered to have a ‘short back and sides’ and donate her flowing 22 inch long tresses to the Little Princess Trust which creates wigs from real hair for children who have lost theirs after being treated for cancer.

Liza also hopes to raise money for Buskit the charity that supports the children of Belarus whose health has been badly affected since the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster in April 1986.

Both are causes close to Liza’s heart. Her parents, Yuliya and Serguei, are both ethnic Russians. Yuliya was born in Belarus and aged just 10 when the reactor went into meltdown and spread a deadly toxic cloud hundreds of miles in every direction.

As she has grown up the family, from Finistere Avenue in Falkirk, have kept in touch with relatives and friends still living there, so she knows the impact the tragedy is continuing to have on their lives as a result of being exposed to the radiation.

Liza made it her New Year Resolution to do something to help - and now her date with the barber beckons!

Her plan has the full support of mum and dad - although she admits the actual cut at Falkirk stylists Tweedie and Marshall next Saturday is the result of a compromise!

Liza said: “I actually wanted to have it all completely cut off, having a ‘baldy’ would have been awesome, but my parents said ‘no’ so I’ll settle for a short back and sides instead.

“I’m looking forward to my first visit to the hairdressers. My classmates are sad I’m having it cut, but I can’t wait.

“I hope my hair will be put to good use by the people at the Little Princess Trust and will make some really good wigs for some other children. I also hope to raise as much as I can for Buskit whose work makes such a difference to the children of Belarus.”

To make a donation go to www.justgiving.com/Yuliya-Loutsenko