Proud moment for new head

Grangemouth High School head teacher Paul Dunn
Grangemouth High School head teacher Paul Dunn

The start of the new school session yesterday (Wednesday) began a fresh chapter in the teaching career of Grangemouth High’s new man at the top.

Paul Dunn (44) took up the post of head teacher at the Tinto Drive school at the end of last term, taking over the reins from Lyn Brown who retired after five eventful years in the job.

Originally from Coatbridge, now living in Falkirk, Paul has been involved in teaching for over 20 years, working in Glasgow initially then moving to Graeme High and Denny High.

He says he is up to the new challenge.

“I’ve not actually had any career path marked out and have only applied for a couple of head teaching posts in the past. I just always felt when I was ready to take the next step I would do it.

“Grangemouth High School has a very strong reputation for being a real community school and that is what attracted me to the job. I’ve been in the school before for various meetings and events and it has always had a lovely feel about it and is always really welcoming.”

The new head teacher recalled an encounter with a Grangemouth High pupil in the recent past.

“I thought he was just hanging around the corridor, but then I realised he was standing there for ages holding the door open for me. The youngsters here are very proud of their school and that comes across in all the pupils I have spoken to so far.

“They are proud of the school and the excellent facilities here.

“I’ve been in here over the summer getting to know my way around and Lyn Brown has been fantastic on my visits, taking me around the school and introducing me to staff.”

Paul does not see his role as a licence to make major changes to the way the school operates.

“Anyone who takes over a school wants it to improve,” he said. “But it’s not a case of me coming in and saying here are the changes I want to make. It’s about involving the pupils, staff and parents and considering what is the best for the school.

“As I’ve got to know Grangemouth I see it is a strong community and it deserves to have a strong school at the heart of that community.”