Protest planned over cuts as Falkirk council decides on budget

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A protest group, set up to oppose Government austerity policies, will campaign outside Falkirk’s Municipal Buildings.

It takes place ahead of next week’s important annual council budget meeting.

Falkirk People’s Assembly wants to protect jobs and services and believes cuts being proposed are unnecessary and will harm people across the community, from children to the elderly.

They will be joined by local trade union branches which have pledged to support the new group.

It was set up after a public meeting organised by Falkirk Trades Union Council when calls were made for a local campaign to fight austerity.

Trades Union Council secretary Duncan McCallum said: “Falkirk Council has had to accept cuts totalling £150 million over the last ten years. The damage caused is obvious, from an empty High Street to services run on a shoestring.

“Most of the blame lies with the Tories at Westminster, but the SNP government in Edinburgh has only made things worse. This year the council is £17 million short of its budget. But if Westminster cuts had been passed on unchanged to Scottish councils, Falkirk would have 
£15 million more cash next year and no need to make cuts.”

“And things are going to get worse with Falkirk Council talking about a further £57 million of cuts over the next five years.

He added: “We say it is time to stop this madness and stand up now against further cuts.”

“We will be watching events, bringing people together to oppose and prevent cuts to the services our communities rely on. We can no longer give tax breaks to the rich while millions of people suffer.”

Anyone wishing to join the protest is asked to gather at 9am on Wednesday, March 27 outside the Municipal Buildings in West Bridge Street.

The next meeting of Falkirk People’s Assembly will take place on Tuesday, March 19, at 7pm in Trinity Church, Manse Place, Falkirk. All welcome.