Last hurrah in Holyrood for Falkirk East MSP

After almost a decade serving his Falkirk East constituents MSP Angus MacDonald has announced he is stepping away from politics.

Mr MacDonald stated he was not putting his name forward for re-election at the Scottish Parliament election in May 2021.

He said: “It has been an enormous honour and privilege to serve the people of Grangemouth at council level, with the subsequent pinnacle of that honour representing Falkirk East in the Scottish Parliament for the past nine years.

“I now feel, however, it is time to move on, and return to my roots in the Western Isles to explore other opportunities.”

Angus MacDonald MSP in the debating chamber at Holyrood

First elected to Falkirk District Council in 1992 Angus has been involved in the Falkirk area’s political scene for almost 30 years.

He returned to serve on Falkirk Council following a by-election in December 2004, joining the SNP/Independent Administration controlling the council at the time, and was subsequently elected to the Scottish Parliament in 2011.

Mr MacDonald will have served 10 years at Holyrood when next year’s elections roll around.

“I would wish to place on record my thanks to my constituents for their continued support,” he said. “I have looked at every issue with Falkirk district first and foremost in my mind, and I hope my constituents agree I have come to the right conclusions.

“Of course, the requirement of an MSP to get results for constituents is not possible without the help and support of a dedicated team of caseworkers and researchers. I have been lucky to have a first-class team working for me in my constituency office in Grangemouth, and I am indebted to them for the professional ethos and commitment they have shown collectively over the past nine years.

“The job simply couldn’t be done without them. I have had one of the busiest constituency offices in the country and we have always striven to secure positive results for everyone that has contacted me for help or assistance.

“Finally, I leave the post when the SNP is riding high in the polls. It gives me confidence that the new Scottish Government formed after the Holyrood election next May will ensure Scotland is in safe, competent hands, and I will watch from afar as we move towards an independent nation, a goal I have sought since my teens and throughout my political career.

“I wish my constituents in Falkirk East all the best for the future, and I will watch developments in the constituency closely. The people of Falkirk district will always have a special place in my heart, and I will miss representing them at national level a great deal.

“For the next 10 months, however, it will be business as usual in the constituency and in Parliament, and my office will remain open for assistance and enquiries until Parliament prorogues for the Holyrood election in the Spring.”