Hate preacher not coming to local mosque

Falkirk Central Mosque
Falkirk Central Mosque

A Pakistani hate cleric is not coming to speak at Falkirk Central Mosque next week.

Syed Muzaffer Shah Qadri had been scheduled to talk at the Burnhead Lane mosque next Thursday, but the event was cancelled after the mosque committee became aware of his background.

A Falkirk Central Mosque spokesperson said: “The event was a private function we approved prior to any guests being booked. As soon as we were made aware of the background of one particular speaker there was no hesitation in advising the event organiser the mosque would never knowingly give a platform to views that counter our beliefs of tolerance and non-violence.

“We would like to reiterate our community’s zero tolerance for hatred or violence of any kind and assure the community of Falkirk and wider Scotland we will be reaching out to other mosques to ensure we never give a platform to hatred, violence or intolerance of any kind.”